The 6 Best Hockey Neck Guards

Protecting your neck is extremely important, and for children, a legal requirement!  We took a deep dive on many neck guards offered and looked at the specifications and reviews on all of them!  If you want a quick answer to your query – this is one of the few times the big boys such as CCM or Bauer do not offer the best product on the market!  

Our top choice for the year is a high tech and amazing protecting neck guard – The Aegis Interceptor Neck Protector!  Featuring D30 impact protection, and a neck collar that protects the entire neck, this neck guard will keep you safe from errant skate blades and sticks!

The Best Neck Guard

The Best Overall Neck Guard

Hands down, the safest and best protecting neck guard on the market.  Covers all crucial areas with its impact resistant D30 Foam!

The Aegis Interceptor tops our test with its great use of D30 foam, and a high neck collar and large bib.  This will tuck right under the shoulder pads for a completely sealed, protected neck!

Best Bibless

The Best Bibless Neck Guard

A great neck guard that will protect and feel comfortable at the same time.  Can be had at an excellent price point too!

Not too much to say on this one, a lightweight, great protecting neck guard for a very reasonable price.  This neck guard does everything you need and doesn’t lighten up your wallet either!

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Research and Findings

 The last thing any player wants to worry about playing hockey is taking pucks or skates to the neck.  The hockey neck guard is an essential piece of equipment you should wear at all times to be safe as a hockey player.  Just Google ‘hockey player neck cut’ for all the convincing you will ever need to wear one. In this review of the best hockey neck guards, we will carefully go over everything you need to know about choosing the right equipment for your game!

To select the right neck guard, you need to know the important features including manufacturer’s specs, material, durability, and sizing. Our best hockey neck guards review captures major brands such as Skate Armor, Bauer, CCM, Shock Doctor, A&R, and Aegis.

A good hockey neck guard should work hand in hand with a great set of shoulder pads.  Check out our article on the best Hockey Shoulder Pads around!

Hockey Neck Guard Basics

Weight – The weight of the hockey neck guard is an important feature you need to consider when you are selecting a hockey neck guard. A lightweight hockey neck guard facilitates easy movement while a heavier neck guard could provide a bit better protection, but may get bogged down with sweat over the game and be uncomfortable.

Design – The design of a hockey neck guard is extremely important, and this can greatly impact your comfort during the game. The design of hockey neck guards should be ergonomic so it provides players with maximum comfort and while providing protection from injury.

Material – A very important component of the neck guard you need to pay attention to is the material. The material used  should always be durable yet comfortable around the neck.  There is nothing worse than having a wet and/or itchy neck guard.

Size – You need to consider sizing when choosing a hockey neck guard. Different hockey neck guards come in a range of sizes from small to extra-large, to fit players of all sizes.

Best Hockey Neck Guards

1. Aegis Interceptor Neck Protector - The Safest Neck Guard

Specifications and Features:

  • Full Neck Protection – The Aegis Interceptor Neck Protector is designed for an ergonomic fit that covers all crucial arteries and cut prone spots!
  • Proprietary Material – D30 foam offers cut and impact resistance to ensure your neck is looked after!


  • Very BreathableUnlike many neck guards that get bogged down with sweat, the Aegis Neck Protector is super breathable so it will be comfortable all game long
  • Unmatched Protection The Aegis Neck Protector has a super high neck cuff and a long bib to cover all critical areas!
  • Superior Durability –The D30 impact protection foam ensure no skate blades or sticks will cut through and damage the neck


We couldn’t find any disadvantages with this awesome neck protector!

Bottom Line:

The Aegis Interceptor is our top neck guard of the year for its great protection, advanced materials, and awesome price point.  Protect your neck now!

2. Aegis Interceptor Bibless

Specifications and Features:

  • 4mm D30 Protective Insert: The Aegis Interceptor features an additional protective insert to prevent cuts to the skin.
  • Moisture-wicking fabric – The Aegis Neck Guard offers lmoisture-wicking fabric to ensure a quick drying and comfortable neck guard.
  • Breathable Material – Constructed of nylon spandex and a DuPont Kevlar fiber lining for maximum ventilation.


  • Ultra Lightweight – The lightweight material Aegis used make this one of the lightest neck guards on the market, to ensure you will barely feel it during the game.
  • Fast Drying Fabric – The moisture wicking material helps the Aegis Interceptor keeps your neck guard dry and you comfortable all game.
  • Superior Protection – The additional protective inserts offer an advantage over the competition keeping you safe from any kind of injury. 


This is one of the best neck guards on the market and its hard to pin down any real disadvantage.

Bottom Line:

This is a premium neck guard that is designed to deliver lightweight and comfortable protection, and is one of the best neck guards on the market. 

3. Shock Doctor Ultra - Best Cuff Style Neck Guard

Specifications and Features:

  • Bio-Fit – The Shock Doctor Ultra Neck Guard is anatomically contoured and constructed of flexible, pre-molded low density foam.
  • Premium Material – Shock Doctor has constructed this hockey neck guard with premium cut-resistant aramid fiber reinforced core, with a soft knit lining and durable exterior.  


  • Lightweight ProtectionThe Shock Doctor Ultra Neck Guard is extremely lightweight and provides your neck with superior cushioning that doesn’t restrict movement.
  • Wide range of AdjustabilityThe Shock Doctor neck guard easily accommodates all sizes and fits. The adjustable elastic Velcro strap lets every player set the neck guard to any fit for optimum performance.
  • Superior Durability –The premium cut-resistant aramid fiber material offers reinforced protection against any injury during the game. It has a soft knit lining for enhanced comfort and a durable material for long lasting use. 


The Shock Doctor Ultra Neck Guard doesn’t offer great breathability but this is a trade off for the top of the line protection and durability you get. 

Bottom Line:

A simple, lightweight design gives you premium protection and mobility at a very good price point. This is an excellent hockey neck guard and the soft materials used make it super comfortable.

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4. CCM RBZ 100 - Best CCM Neck Guard

Specifications and Features:

  • Breathable Material – The CCM RBZ 300 Neck Guard features proprietary Dyneema material which is extremely breathable and cut resistant. 
  • Ergonomic Fit – The state of the art construction of this neck guard helps enhance neck movement, and offer premium comfort.


  • Increased Breathability – The CCM RBZ 100 neck guard is made of breathable materials to keep you cool during the game.

  • Superior Comfort – The soft inner liner in the CCM RBZ 100 neck guard is unrivaled in preventing skin irritation when you sweat and play.  
  • Premium Protection – The cut resistant material in the RBZ 100 is very effecting in preventing any injuries from blades or sticks, and is also very durable to ensure this neckguard will last you a long time. 


The CCM 100 RBZ neck guard isn’t as flexible as some of the other products on the market, but the stiffer material gives you a higher degree of protection.

Bottom Line:

The CCM RBZ 100 is focused on giving you the best protection possible, and definitely doesn’t disappoint in the fit and comfort department either. 

5. Bauer NG NLP20 - Best Bauer Neck Guard

Specifications and Features:

  • 37.5 Technology: Bauer NG NLP20 features revolutionary 37.5 technology that maximizes evaporation of moisture for enhanced comfort and performance.
  • Permanent Anti-odor – Bauers NG NLP20 neck guard features a permanent anti-odor technology that helps prevent bacteria buildup and unwanted smells.
  • Durable design– Bauer has incorporated a soft lined interior made up of Cocona 37.5 and polyester material.


  • Lightweight Protection  This neck guard is lightweight and thin providing you with superior comfort and mobility.  
  • Fast Drying Comfort – The inside liner is designed to evaporate sweat almost instantly and keep you dry and comfortable throughout the game.
  • Extended Neck Guard Bib – The front bib on the neck guard gives you extended protection so there are no gaps between your neck guard and shoulder pads


The inside liner of the neck guard isn’t as soft as some other products, but its designed to maximize sweat and moisture evaporation.

Bottom Line:

The Bauer neck guard focus on giving you a comfortable and close fit, with the bib extending just below the neck of the shoulder pads. 

6. A&R Hockey Neck Guard - Lightest Neck Guard

Specifications and Features:

  • Ballistic nylon: A&R Hockey Neck Guard is made of a thick, tough, ballistic nylon fabric that is extremely durable.
  • Contoured Fit: The A&R hockey neck guard uses a contoured shape that offers comfort and enhanced mobility for peak performance.


  • Lightweight Mobility – The ultra lightweight construction of the A&R neck guard gives you optimum comfort and mobility throughout the game.
  • Durable Protection – A&R uses a tough, durable material for long lasting protection against sticks and skates.
  • Adjustable Fit – The A&R neck guard offers a wide range of adjustable fits for every size of player.


This neck guard is a little stiffer to enhance protection and durability over some of the soft neck guards.

Bottom Line:

The A&R neck guard is made up of very lightweight and flexible material proven to enhance comfort and wear ability during the game.  If you are looking for the lightest neckguard this is your solution.


We have talked about some of the best hockey neck guards for all budgets today, and really it’s all about finding the best combination of protection and comfort for your game. All of the neck guards discussed will not let you down in the protection department, it all depends on the specific feel you need for your game. The neck guard is a valuable investment to keep you from getting injured and going bar down game in and game out. Our favorite is clearly the Aegis Interceptor Neck Protector, if you are shopping for a neck guard, get one that can actually protect your neck!

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