The 11 Best Wheeled, Carry, and Goalie Hockey Bags (2022 Update)

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been playing hockey for 1 year or 50, you literally can’t do without a well built hockey bag that won’t break down after one season. Having a well designed and durable hockey bag is critical for carrying and drying out your gear and even more importantly finding it all once you get to the rink! We’re going to look at a variety of different hockey bag designs so you can stay informed and purchase the best hockey bag for your game.

Not having the proper hockey bag can also stress your shoulders or lower back, when you should be saving your energy and health for practice or a game. Whether you’re a dedicated player or if hockey is just a hobby of yours, you need a durable hockey bag to lug your gear around to rink after rink. There are numerous hockey bags styles for players to choose from and in this article we will discuss all the major brands including Pacific Rink, Bauer, Warrior, CCM, and Grit

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Best Duffle Hockey Bag

Best Overall Hockey Bag

Pockets galore, awesome ventilation, and convenient storage compartments, the Grit Icon checks all the boxes!

Our pick for the top duffle hockey bag is the Grit Icon 37 inch Carry Bag!  Grit is a bag specialty company and they show why with this awesome bag.  Lightweight yet durable, with adjustable carry straps and tons of awesome interior pockets, this is your best bet for a new bag!

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Best Wheeled Hockey Bag

Best Wheeled Hockey Bag

Warrior is known for rugged hockey protective gear, and they have brought that same mentality to their design and construction of the durable Warrior Q20 Wheeled hockey bag!

The Warrior Q20 wheeled hockey bag has everything you could want, massive storage space and the easy option to wheel or carry your hockey bag into the rink! This rugged wheeled hockey bag is loaded with pockets for all your gear and comes with heavy duty zippers for long lasting durability!

Best Pond Hockey Bag

Best Pond Hockey Bag

Tired of carrying your skates and gloves to the outdoor rink in your normal backpack or hockey bag? This innovative design fits all the essentials for a skate on the outdoor rink!

Quite possibly the most innovative hockey bag design on the market, this isn’t the best choice for going to a full on hockey game but if you’re going to the pond to skate with some friends this is easily the best backpack hockey bag! With pockets so you can easily carry your skates, gloves, and helmet, this is our pick for the best backpack hockey bag!

The Best Wheeled Hockey Bag

When you have lots of long walks from the parking lot to the rink, or you are a goalie, a wheeled bag can be really nice to have, and this is the best!

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The Best Overall Hockey Bag

With tons of innovative pockets, straps, and options, Grit has elevated the hockey bag and they are now the undisputed premier bag

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The Best Hockey Backpack

Heading to the outdoor rink or to a scrimmage and don’t need all your gear?  Toss the essentials in a pacific rink bag!

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Best Duffel/ Carry Hockey Bags

Most Durable Hockey Bag

Specifications and Features:

  • New for 2021  – Grit comes out of the gates hot with a great new bag for the 2020 / 2021 season absolutely loaded with features
  • Mutli Opening Design – A top pocket to access all your goods, with side openings to allow airflow inside the bag when you don’t have time to hang things up!
  • Divided Storage – For those who love to organize, keep your different equipment pieces separate so you can keep track of them and never forget that one shin pad at home!
  • Removable Mesh Bag – Use this bag to toss your old socks and under gear in to take straight to the washing machine!


Grit is well known for its massive, expansive tower bags.  Well they have finally added a real contender in the carry bag area in the Icon 37 inch.  Adjustable straps, divided storage, skate pockets, a cooler sleeve, and even a removable panel for team logos, this bag has you covered in every aspect when it comes to getting your gear to the rink!

Best Canadian Hockey Bag

Specifications and Features:

  • Reflective Material Liner  – One of the most ingenious features is a reflective material inside the hockey bag that gives better light so you never lose track of your smaller items stored in the bag
  • Top Loading Dry Clothes Pocket – Keep a set of workout gear or warm up clothes smell free with a completely separate compartment built into the top of the bag
  • Removable Wet Mesh Bag – For your towels, sandals, or anything wet that you might want to keep separate from your gear, its literally a bag inside your hockey bag
  • Padded Skate Compartment – A padded compartment to keep your gear safe from your skate blades and ensure your blades stay sharp at nick free for as long as possible


Pacific Rink is a newer brand but they specialize in hockey bags, and you’ll notice them by their trademark royal blue color. One of the coolest features of the Pacific Rink equipment bag is the numerous compartments to store everything from your mouth-guard, hockey tape, and even your headphones for the pre-game pump up music! One of our favorite features in this hockey bag is the padded skate compartment, which saves you from losing your edge from banging around when they’re loose in your equipmentbag. Overall, we think the Pacific Rink hockey bag is truly the number one choice for value and durability, and you really can’t go wrong with this investment.

Best Value Hockey Bag

Specifications and Features:

  • Innovative Convertible Design – Bauer created the bag in a way that allows it to be carried as a duffel or as a backpack.
  • Dedicated Skate Pocket – Features a dedicated skate pocket to keep your skates together and protected to and from the hockey rink.
  • Dry Flow Technology – The Bauer Pro15 incorporates dry flow technology to ensure your equipment dries quickly after every game. 
  • Tough Webbing – The exterior of this bag performs no matter how you treat your bag, you won’t have to worry about rips or tears.


  • Ergonomic Design – You can carry the Bauer Pro15 as a duffel or on your back, it’s structured so that the weight of your equipment is easily distributed to ensure you won’t strain your back while carrying your gear.
  • Superior Durability – Durability is arguably the most important feature of a good equipment bag, and the Bauer Pro15 hockey bag provides just that with its tough webbing and reinforced material. You won’t have to worry about it letting your game down.
  • Dry Comfort – The bag comes fitted with dry flow technology making sure to keep your gear as fresh as possible and of course dry. 


This is one of Bauer’s best equipment bags and it has you covered in every department, including size and the ability to carry it as a back pack or over the shoulder. The innovative ergonomic design helps avoid you throwing out your back on the way to the rink, which is the least your hockey bag should do. A really nice feature is the dryflow technology, so you can get away with leaving your gear in your equipment bag and not having to worry about playing in cold and wet gear next game. The superior durability and amazing price point make this our choice for the top value hockey bag. 

Best Lightweight Hockey Bag

Specifications and Features:

  • Superior Size – This one of the largest player equipment bags on the market at 36 inches and was built to hold all of your equipment with room to spare.
  • Strong Breathable Material – Grit engineered the hockey bag with Polyester webbing and nylon mesh, the combination is extremely strong and durable while maintaining amazing air flow.
  • Extra Dividers and Pockets – The bag comes with extra dividers and pockets to help out with the organization of your accessories and gear.


  • More Features – The Grit Airbox has many features that other hockey bags just don’t come with such as cooler sleeves that allow you to carry a water bottle while on the way to a game.
  • Added Compartments – Grit equipment bags are also made with extra sleeves and compartments for increased organization making sure you don’t lose track of your gear.
  • Superior Styling and Ventilation – The Grit equipment bag has a stylish look and is one of the most breathable bags out there with extreme ventilation to allow air flow in all directions to dry your gear out quickly.


Grit hockey bags are exactly what their name tells you, 4th line grit with 1st line performance. Built to be long lasting and durable, grit bags do not disappoint and is truly an investment you won’t regret. The ventilation on every side of the grit airbox hockey bag make it so your equipment will dry even without taking it out and hanging it up. Grit hockey bags are a relatively new brand but don’t be deceived in thinking it can’t compete with the big boys like Bauer and Warrior. The grit airbox equipment bag gets our vote as the top lightweight hockey bag you can buy. 

Best Leather Hockey Bag

Specifications and Features:

  • Regulated Compartment and Sizing – The bag is pro sized and has all the specs professional players would expect
  • Fully Customizable – You have the option of fully customizing the Warrior Pro, it comes in all sorts of colors and styling.
  • Internal Mesh Skate Pockets – This useful feature allows you to carry your skates inside your bag while keeping your blades from getting knicked up or damaging other equipment


  • Improved Durability – The Warrior Pro is a very durable bag that can comfortably fit all of your hockey gear inside and doesn’t break down easily.
  • Extreme Stability – This bag is very easy to transport and it also stands upright allowing you to easily get your gear out the bag.


So you want to use a bag like the pros, and the Warrior Pro gives your just that. Likely the most durable bags on the market, made up of all leather its not one for different compartments but this hockey bag gives you the durability and look you need. If you don’t need your equipment bag to dry out your gear, this is a great option because ventilation is the biggest downfall of using a leather bag. The are truly the most durable equipment bags and the sleek look leather doesn’t hurt either. Oh and did we mention, these hockey bags are completely customizable so if your looking for a specific color or want to get matching bags for your team, be sure to check out the Warrior Pro equipment bag. 

1. Warrior Q20 Wheeled

Best Wheeled Hockey Bag

Specifications and Features:

  • Strong Mesh Material – Warrior has made sure this hockey bag is very breathable and provides maximum airflow for your drying out your equipment.
  • Uni-grip handle – This strap on the bag is designed for easy grip and comfortable carrying of your equipment
  • Soft Lined helmet pocket – The helmet pocket is a bonus for Q10 wheeled equipment bag as it keeps your helmet in a safe place to prevent scratches on the helmet or visor. 


The Warrior Q10 equipment bag is one of the top rated wheeled bags on the market if your looking to take some stress off your back or if you want your junior player to start moving his gear in and out of the rink so you don’t have to. With multiple compartments, this bag is great for keeping your gear organized! The wheels on the Q10 equipment bag are extremely durable so you don’t have to worry about them failing after a year or if you take it on gravel or dirt. This gets our vote for the best wheeled hockey bag and it also has excellent space for everything you’d ever need. 

Best Storage Capacity Hockey Bag

Specifications and Features:

  • Torsion Technology Folding Frame System – Grit wanted the hockey tower to be able to fold and be safely stored when not in use, great for creating space in the room.
  • Bladeport and Stick strap – With this Grit bag you can carry all of your gear including your sticks with this bag easily especially with the wheeled feature.
  • Flow through Ventilation – Ensures all of your equipment is kept well ventilated and dries quickly.


  • Extremely Versatile – The Grit HTFX ice Hockey Tower bag is a very versatile bag and has the space to fit all of your gear and extra accessories inside. Grit equipment bags are always innovative with their design and creating useful compartments. 
  • Dry Comfort – Featuring a foot carpet so there is no leakage of moisture/ water as well as a removable wet/dry mesh bag.
  • Superior Dependability – There’s not much more you ask for in this Grit equipment bag as it lives up to the name with an easy and comfortable strap design


Grit hockey bags, we really can’t express how good these bags are in terms of durability and great features! The Grit Hockey tower is spacious and has the ability to fold up and out of the way creating more room in the dressing room, so its really the best of both worlds. Its also a much easier way to get dressed as all your gear is upright in front of you, so you’re not bend over searching your equipment bag for 10 minutes looking for a sock. Grit hockey bags are definitely worth checking out if you’ve never bought one, the durability alone is worth the investment!

Best Wheeled Hockey Bag for the Money

Specifications and Features:

  • Polyester Material – An easy to manage, lightweight, and durable polyester construction for a long lasting equipment bag
  • Skate Pockets – This CCM bag has two skate pockets at each end so you can keep from losing an edge or damaging the boot with the other skate
  • Large Size – This is a larger bag that will have no issues storing your gear, towels, jerseys, and any other accessories you want to carry around!


If you’re looking to wheel your gear around for those times you have to carry the pucks or if you want to take it easy on the body, this is a perfect option! With comfortable carry straps and a lightweight material, this is great for any player or youth! The rugged wheels aren’t phased by any surface and can definitely handle their own in the sand or snow! The CCM 380 also has a bunch of internal pockets for smaller gear like mouth guards or skate sharpening sticks! This is a great option for all budgets and players, we suggest taking a look at this product!

Best Backpack Hockey Bag Reviews

1. Pacific Rink Pond Pack

Best Hockey Bag for the Outdoor Rink

Specifications and Features:

  • 1000 Cordura / Kodra Nylon – Top quality materials make this hockey bag tough and durable
  • Dedicated Skate Pocket – Has two awesome side pockets that you can mount your skates in for hiking out to the ODR or Pond
  • Glove and Helmet Storage – The interior of this equipment bag is surprisingly spacious and it will fit a pair of hockey gloves and helmet nicely. 


Pacific Rink has created a brand new style of equipment bag specifically designed for the outdoor rink and has filled a need in the market!  I can’t count how many times I’ve carried my skates and gloves on the way to the outdoor rink in some awkward grocery bag with my skates over my shoulder trying to balance my hockey stick as well.  On top of being perfect for taking gear to the pond, this bag also doubles as a backpack for every day activities. You really can’t go wrong with choosing this hockey bag for the young player that is constantly trying to work on his game at the outdoor rink. 

2. Bauer Vapor 1X Locker Bag

Specifications and Features:

  • Polyester Fabric – An easy dry and tough material make this equipment bag durable and lightweight
  • Lots of Compartments – This turns your regular bag into a portable locker, with spots for all your gear for easy dress/undress.
  • Ventilated Skate Pockets – Designed for improved ventilation to your skates for quicker dry times
  • Comfortable Straps – These straps are easy on the shoulders if you choose to carry
  • Versatile Wheels – The wheeling option makes transporting easy, with multi-surface wheels for any terrain


The Vapor 1X locker equipment bag is an organizers dream, making sure you won’t forget a single piece of equipment in the dressing room or at home! A large variety of compartments for all your gear, and ventilated skate pockets for accelerated drying times. The polyester fabric make this product lightweight and durable, while still providing excellent ventilation. The straps are easy to use and the wheels give you a second option if you don’t want to carry your gear. This is a great option, taking your hockey bag to the next level with innovative pockets and compartments for all your gear. 

Best Goalie Hockey Bag Review

1. Grit GT4 Sumo Goalie Tower

Specifications and Features:

  • Interior Shelves – For easy gear storage and drying, the Grit GT4 goalie bag comes with multiple internal shelves for your mask and other accessories
  • Goalie Pad Straps – Straps on the outside of the bag make it easy to hook up your goalie pads and roll the bag easily
  • Ventilation Throughout – A innovative design that increases air flow through the bag for better drying times
  • Durable Design – The Torsion Technology frame has a lightweight and strong design for long lasting use


Hockey goalie gear is straight up heavy and bulky, and there is no way of getting around that which makes picking the right equipment bag imperative. This is a product designed specifically for goalies, with internal shelves to store your mask and room for your glove, blocker, pants, and chest protector! This also features pockets on the inside for smaller gear like tape and skate sharpening tools, with a foot mat also included. The fact that its so easy to attach your pads and bring your goalie gear into the rink without struggling makes it our number 1 choice for goalies! The durable frame and rugged wheels make this a great investment for many seasons to come.

Hockey Bag Buyers Guide

Hockey Bag Materials

If you’re considering buying a new equipment bag, one of the most important features you need to look at is the material it is constructed out of and we’re going to make it easy. Most hockey bags are made of either leather or polyester material, and both come with different advantages in regards to weight, strength, and ventilation. The leather hockey bags are more durable and higher strength than the polyester material, but the ventilation is worse and they are typically heavier with less compartments. The polyester bags however are usually lighter, have more compartments for gear, and offer better ventilation. It really depends what is important to you of these factors we mentioned, but hockey bag material is definitely a big thing to consider before you purchase!

Hockey Bag Types

In the old days, there was one type of equipment bag and that was the duffle style. Now, there are numerous styles and types including backpack, duffle, and wheeled hockey equipment bags! Some of the ones in our review above even option both the duffle or wheeled carrying options, so you have the option and don’t need to strain your back carrying the heavy equipment. Wheeled bags are definitely more suited to younger players that aren’t strong enough to carry their equipment, and this responsibility doesn’t just get passed on to the parent! Also, some of the wheeled bags offer much greater storage space, perfect for goalies as well! The backpack style equipment bags are definitely newer to the market, but also offer great versatility for carrying options as some come with wheels also. There is no right answer for the top hockey bag type, as it is all about personal preference and sometimes age of the hockey player!

Hockey Bag Features

There are some really handy features in the new hockey bags and something to definitely be aware of when looking at investing in an upgraded product. One of the desired features is the dedicated skate pocket, and these are crucial for protecting your skate edges and the other gear in your bag. There are also a lot of bags that come with smaller pockets on the inside for putting things like tape, mouth guard, stone, and a skate towel. These are really handy for players that like to keep their gear organized and not have everything in one main compartment!

Hockey Bag Cost Range

The cost range for products is quite large, from $75 – $350 and we’re going to discuss the typical differences between the low and high end. The lower end bags will typically be made with lower quality materials, and won’t last as long if they’re getting frequent use. If you only go to the rink once or twice a week, you probably don’t need the highest end product to get a few seasons out of it. If you’re at the hockey rink 4 times a week, getting a higher quality product will help you in the long run for durability. The zippers are stronger and they won’t start to tear at the edges from frequent use. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Size Hockey Bag Do I Need?

A common question when looking for an equipment bag is how big does it have to be? There are a few things to consider and the biggest one is size of the player. If you wear bigger equipment as a youth you may find that the youth size don’t quite get the job done and leave you without any extra space. Players over 5’4 will find as they start to upsize their equipment the length of the gear in a youth bag make for a tight fit. Youth players under 10 definitely won’t need a senior sized bag. 


We have talked about some of the best hockey bags for all budgets today, and really it’s all about finding the right combination of features and size for your game. I personally think the best bag is the Pacific Rink Hockey Bag because it offers a lot of additional features, can easily fit all of your equipment, and has a great ergonomic design. Overall, all the equipment bags in this article will perform great and take care of everything you need in a hockey bag. In the end, it really comes down to what you want and need for your game. If anyone has an opinion or question on any of the bags we have talked about, we’d love to hear from you.

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