The 37 (Yes 37!) Best Gifts For Hockey Players (2022 Update!)

Looking to get that special hockey player in your lift a gift?  Or maybe it’s your child’s birthday and you are looking to get them something special.  Or maybe, you deserve a gift and are getting this for yourself!  (Don’t feel bad, we at Going Bar Down have done this on more than one occasion…)

No matter what the reason, it can be tough buying gifts for Hockey Players!  Do you get them a piece of equipment?  Memorabilia? Some things for around the house?  Well we here at Going Bar Down have compiled a comprehensive list that we think will give you ton’s of great gift ideas and help solve you plight!  From gifts for new players, experienced players, birthday gifts, to gifts for making the big team, we have it covered!  Scroll down to see our choices!

Hockey Player Gift Idea #1 - New Hockey Gear

If there is one thing every hockey player has in common – they love getting new gear!  Gear manufacturers are improving their offerings year over year so there is always a bit of room to improve!  Check out our top picks for new gear based on this years best gear!

1. A New Hockey Stick

You know what these are!  The number one most important thing any player can have to help them score some goals.  Our choice if you really want to treat someone in your life is the Bauer Vapor Hyperlite.  This is a wicked stick with a low kickpoint and a lightning fast release.  It is one of the best on the market right now!

2. A Budget Friendly Hockey Stick

Our last choice was if you want to get someone the absolute top of the line hockey stick.  However, if you don’t want to drop the big bucks, thanks to lightweight carbon fiber and advanced materials engineering, even mid range hockey sticks can still elevate a players game and help someone get better!  Our budget friendly hockey stick is it Warrior Alpha LX 20.  It also features a low kick point and although it weighs a tad more than the Bauer above, the price point is unbeatable and the stick offers some serious punch for its price!

3. New Hockey Equipment Bag

Every player needs something to haul all that stinky hockey gear around in!  What you might not know is that on top of their hockey gear, they likely also carry a shower towel, skate towel, skate mat, stick and sock tape, stick wax, tools, or any other number of things!  A hockey bag is really a tool bag with everything a player needs to play.  

For that reason we have picked the Bauer S20 Pro Carry Player Equipment Bag as our suggestion.  It comes with tons of features including organizational pockets, a hockey accessory pocket, and all at a reasonable price – just to name a few!  This is a bag any player would love to have! 

4. Well Priced New Hockey Skates

Hockey skates are a crucial piece of gear that every player needs.  Skates are more comfortable than ever utilizing memory foam and microfiber liners, and flexible boots.

Our selection based on performance and being a more budget friendly skate designed for wider foot profiles is the True TF9 Skate.  Derived from True’s top of the line Pro Custom skates, it isn’t the priciest skate out there but still has some top of the line features!

5. Sparx Hockey Skate Sharpener

Does the hockey player you are buying for have skates?  Maybe this is the perfect gift!

The Sparx skate sharpener is an awesome at-home skate sharpening machine that is making waves in the hockey community.  If you know someone that has a big hockey family, owning a Sparx can actually pay itself off in a few short years!  Get a reliable, awesome sharpening with a Sparx today!

6. A Fresh New Set of Hockey Gloves

Any friend, family member, or significant other of a hockey player knows how those hands smell coming out of old gloves!  

Treat that special hockey player in your life to a new set to get rid of those stinky hands!  The Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic gloves are a top of the line offering with a traditional fit and profile.  They have soft fingers and palms thanks to the Quattro grip palm and Ax Suede.  This is one set of gloves any player would love to get!

7. A New More Protective Hockey Helmet

If you really care about that special hockey player in your life – protect their melon!  Old helmets have very basic foams and hard plastics that don’t dissipate impacts very well.

The all new True Dynamic 9 is a brand new model with an amazing brain protection technology called MIPS which is developed in Sweden by a company that specializes in brain protection!

If you act quick – You can grab it on sale!


Hockey Player Gift Idea #2 - Hockey Accessories

There are tons of little accessories that many hockey players couldn’t play without.  These little items don’t cost much, but are crucial for strapping the gear on for the next game.  Sometimes you don’t need to spend much to get someone a gift that they will use and appreciate!

1. SuperFeet Carbon Pro

SuperFeet have been around for over a decade but just improved on their already great product with the SuperFeet Carbon Pro!

If you have never heard of SuperFeet, they are orthotic style footbed replacements that have a little heel lift in the back.  What they do is get the player leaning a bit more forward, and can really help boost speed and balance.  The Carbon Pro adds vented construction to better circulate air and keep the foot from getting too sweaty and slippery!

2. Elite Hockey Pro Skate Soaker

Nothing is worse than rusting blades or rivets on your blade holders

An awesome set of skate soakers that will keep the blades dry and sharp!  Wick moisture right off the blades, and they come in multiple awesome colors – Better yet, keep your blades sharp and gear free from cuts and tears by protecting the bottom of the skate blade!  One set of these will last years, they are an awesome gift idea!

3. A&R Re-Edger Blade Sharpener

We’ve all done it before, you take your first shift and realize you have a knick in your blade and have lost an edge!

Help your favorite hockey player (maybe yourself!) and grab them this handy re-edger from A&R.  It features a strong on one site to smooth out any knicks in your blade, then the two pronged ceramic re-edger helps give you about a games worth of sharpening to get you back out there!

4. Gear Halo SilverActiv Deodorizer Pods

Everyone knows that dreaded hockey equipment smell

This can be a gift for you and the recipient – by keeping the stench off of their gear!  The dreaded glove, skate, or overall bag smell from hockey is the stuff of legends (in a bad way)  The Gear Halo system uses a moisture removal system and a powerful fresh deodorizer to keep your bag fresh all season long!

5. Rocket Sport Dryer Tower

No one likes putting on stinky, wet equipment!  Not only does it make getting dressed a pain, but not properly drying equipment out creates an environment for mold and bacteria to grow!

The Rocket Sport Dryer is an awesome invention that helps eliminate odors and wet gear by circulating warm air across your equipment in the bag.  It is guaranteed to dry out even the toughest areas like deep in your skates or gloves!

6. Captodor Odor Destroyer

Captodor makes several different odor mitigation products, but the Odor Destroyer is their most popular.  It is super simple to use, just spray is on your equipment and walk away!  It is safe for both equipment and clothing and does not have any ingredients that will cause skin irritation.  Just make sure you spray it on and then allow your gear to dry out!

Hockey Player Gift Idea #3 - Hockey Training Aids

In todays game every player is in an arms race to see who can get better and develop their skills faster!  Multiple innovative training aids have been created over the years to help with shooting, passing, and stick handling.  Check out these awesome training aids and help the hockey player in your life take their game to the next level!

1. SuperDeker Advanced Hockey Training System

The Super Deker is a truly innovative training tool.  Featuring rebounding bands on either side, a zero friction surface (with the included spray) and lights built into the board, the Super Deker helps train players to quickly move the puck around while keeping their head up and alert.  Being able to handle the puck in tight spaces while remaining alert is both good for making the perfect pass as well as ensuring you don’t get hit by someone you didn’t see due to having your head down.

This is our top choice for training aid gifts!


2. HockeyShot Exteme Radar 2.0

Help your favorite hockey player track the progress of his or her shot!

The HockeyShot Extreme Radar 2.0 is a great little device that tracks shot speed in Miles Per Hour.  It can record speeds up to 150 MPH so you have no worries about maxing it out (The fastest shot ever recorded is around 110 MPH or so!)  It has a speaker to read the speed aloud, and keeps your last 10 shots stored in its memory!


3. HockeyShot Synthetic Ice Tiles

Transform your driveway or basement into a skating surface year round! Hockey shot’s innovative Synthetic ice revolution tiles feature a super low coefficient of friction, coming in around 10-15% higher than frozen ice.  This means it simulates ice well but adds resistance making it perfect for training!  

It is UV protected and weather resistant so you can put it outdoors without worry!  They come in convenient ten packs and each tile is 18 x 18 inches in area!  Transform your home now!


4. Snipers Edge CCM Sweethands

Stick handling is a crucial skill in hockey and is only becoming more important every year!  The CCM Sweethands help train you to develop those hands in tight areas, simulating stick handling around an opponents stick and through their legs!

5. HockeyShot Extreme Passing Kit

An awesome little device by HockeyShot, the passing kit has a small rebounder at the far end that allows you to bounce pucks off it until the cows come home!  This will let you practice your stick handling then rip a quick pass, catch it, and keep going!

If you have a net, it is also fantastic to practice your one timers on!

6. Sauce Toss Supreme

Ready to challenge your friends in a saucer pass battle all while improving your skills?  The Sauce Toss Supreme is a blast to play, featuring a small target goal and a larger goal encasing it, challenge yourself and see how far apart you can set them and still make the passes!

7. Top Shelf Magnetic Targets

Top Shelf makes some awesome targets that will attach directly onto any metal net with their built in targets!  The set we have suggested here are the ‘sniper’ targets as they are a bit smaller than the other set that Top Shelf sells.  

These targets are super durable and will help develop your corner picking skills.  Grab a set now and light the lamp more often next season!

8. Perfect-A-Shot LED Shooter Tutor

An awesome training tool, featuring light up corners, shoulders, and five-hole all controlled by a free app!  

Learn how to keep your head up while shooting and become your teams next sniper with this awesome training tool.  

Just as an FYI you will need a net as it is not included in the package!

9. The Triangle

Although it may look simple, the Attack Triangle is quickly becoming a training tool in every player and coaches arsenal.  Placing them around the ice or training area can simulate winding and weaving through defense man’s stick and legs.

Coming in at an affordable price, we think this is a must have if you are conducting on ice training sessions.  A few of these paired with the Sweethands above will turn you into a dangler in no time!

Hockey Player Gift Idea #4 - Hockey Player Workout Gear

After you have honed your skills, tuned up your shot, have lightning quick hands – The work doesn’t stop there!  Hockey players need to be in awesome shape and have to be multi faceted athletes.  Strength, Stamina, Flexibility, Acceleration, not to mention strong resilient bodies to absorb body checks – Check this training gear out to help your gift recipient take their fitness to the next level!

1. Weighted Vest

A weighted vest can be a great way to stimulate new muscle growth and increase overall speed and strength.  Just think about it – The bigger you are the stronger you tend to be, and a weighted vest will train your body under more weight and stress, stimulating more muscle growth!  Just be careful running long distances with it as that could be hard on joint!

2. Agility Quick Ladder

Agility Ladders are commonly used to increase footspeed, coordination, and build explosiveness across many different sports.  When it comes to dryland training, an agility ladder is a great addition to any program to help mix in some food speed drills!

This SKLZ ladder has 11 heavy duty rungs and is 15 feet long, giving you lots of squares to work with!

3. Acceleration Trainer

An acceleration trainer band allows you to help someone develop their acceleration and top speed.  Hold them back as they explode into a sprint and then let them go to really build speed!

4. Resistance Bands / Cables

Grabbing a set of resistance bands / cables gives a versatile way to add resistance to any number of exercises.  Most dumbbell exercises can be replaced or enhanced with cables.  Using them as an acceleration trainer above is possible too, although the may snap under too much tension and are not recommended for that purpose.

5. Pro Resistance Bands

Just as described, these are an upgraded version of the bands above.  They are longer, stronger, and more versatile.  You can get them in four different resistance levels (aka band thickness).  They are a great add on to any gym or training routine.

6. Trainer Foam Roller

After a hard workout, you need to recover!  This awesome trainer roller has tons of different roll out ideas printed on it so you don’t have to be staring at your phone or watching videos while rolling out, you can focus strictly on recovery!

7. Massage Ball

Sometimes the foam roller doesn’t have the right angles to hit that sore or pulled muscle.  The SKLZ massage ball has an awesome grooved pattern and is the perfect size to really dig deep into muscles you can’t reach yourself such as your back.  For how little it costs, its a great tool that can save expensive trips to the massage therapist!

Hockey Player Gift Idea #5 - Hockey Pucks, Roller Hockey Pucks, and Roller Hockey Balls

Sometimes you don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend!  A little stocking stuffer, a nice little birthday gift, or just something that hockey player needs, you don’t have to spend money to get a great gift!  Here are some puck, ball, and roller puck ideas that can help hockey players train at home!

1. A Bin Of Pucks

Hockey pucks?  Yeah hockey pucks!  They are black, cylindrical, hard, and you shoot em at stuff!

Well one thing you might not know… these little vulcanized rubber discs have a habit of going missing.  Over time you just can’t seem to keep track of them – so help your special hockey player reload and have lots of spare pucks ready to go!

2. Green Biscuit Street Hockey Puck

The Green Biscuit training puck is designed to give an on ice feel on hardwood or concrete.  It weighs and ounce less than a normal puck, but the added friction makes it handle just like a regular puck.  This will also work super with synthetic ice or a stick handling board.  Grab yours now and hone your stick handling skills!

3. Snipers Edge CCM Muscle Pack

The CCM Muscle Pack includes the Muscle Ball and Muscle Puck.  The muscle ball weighs 18.85 oz and is almost 4 times the weight of a puck.  This will train you to be more slower, methodic, and precise with your stickhandling.  The muscle puck comes in at a lighter 11.5 oz which will help you move your skills gained with the ball even closer to a normal puck.  This 1-2 punch will really help develop smoother hands!

4. Pro 2 Inline Hockey Puck

The Pro2 Inline hockey puck is a great little indoor or smooth concrete puck for a great price.  Durable, coming in many different colors, this puck will get the job done at your next indoor or inline hockey game!

Hockey Player Gift Idea #6 - NHL Gear

Every hockey player has a favorite team – Get that special hockey player a gift of some gear from their favorite team to rock at home or at the rink!

1. Licensed Authentic NHL Jersey

Get that special hockey player and Authentic, Licensed NHL Jersey! Don’t be fooled by fakes – The real deal is made by Adidas these days and comes with a tie down strap inside, and a high quality twill logo.  They are made out of 100% polyester, are machine washable, and are built to put up with the wear and tear of an NHL game no matter if your are wearing it on the couch or at your local rink!

2. Licensed Replica NHL Jersey

I know what your are thinking – A replica?!?! Don’t be worry, these are licensed replicas created by Fanatic. They have all the logos, numbers, and styles of a real jersey, but are easier on the wallet as they don’t employ the high tech fabrics and durable construction of an Authentic Adidas jersey.  Look the part but save some cash by grabbing a licensed replica jersey from your favorite team!

3. NHL Team Knit Hat / Toque

Keep your melon warm in winter!  Grab a stylish knit hat / toque from your favorite NHL team.  These feature a high quality knit exterior with a fleece interior to keep your head warm as you travel about town in the winter, or are headed to a rink!

4. NHL Team Fleece Blanket

Everyone knows winter time can get chilly, in the rinks or outdoors!  Luckily you can get these awesome warm branded fleece blankets!  Made with high pile Sherpa material these will keep you warm even in the coldest of rinks!

Want to find out what the Best Wheeled and Duffle Hockey Equipment Bags are?  Click here!


Well we hope our article on the best gifts for hockey players helped you find something!  Hockey is the greatest sport in the world and the right gift will really make someones day (or season!)  Thanks for checking our page out and let us know if you think we missed anything below!

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