Best Gifts for Hockey Fans


Shopping for the hockey fan in your family isn’t as simple as buying a new stick (unless of course they play) so we at Going Bar Down have decided to make a separate guide just for this occasion! With everything from snug hoodies to comfortable scarves, we’ve got you covered with all sorts of gift ideas for hockey fans!

Scented candles and jewelry are the easy choices for mom, but if you’re constantly cheering on your favorite team three nights a week this is a great chance to get mom into the game with some fan memorabilia! It can be something as simple as a jersey or even a mug with her favorite team on it!

Gift Idea #1 - NHL Clothing

No one is going be mad about getting some new clothing with their favorite team labeled on it, so keep it simple and support their passion for the game!

1. A New Hoodie

It doesn’t matter if you’re a kings fan or a flyers fan, a hoodie with their favorite NHL teams logo on it can’t miss. It’s the perfect stocking stuffer for the hockey fan and maybe it will even allow you to watch more of your favorite team!

2. Proud Hockey Mom Shirt

No matter what your mom is like, you know she is proud of her kids and their accomplishments both on and off the ice! This shirt lets them celebrate that their child is a hockey player and lets her show that off. This also shows her love for the game, plus its a stylish shirt that will look great and she’ll love wearing!

3. Replica Jersey

Nothing like a replica jersey completes the hardcore hockey fan, and mom is no exception! A replica jersey is a great idea for a holiday gift for the hockey fan in your family and they are guaranteed to love it!

4. Comfortable Sweats

Lets face it, everyone wants to be comfortable watching a hockey game in a cold rink and a nice warm pair of sweats is the perfect gift for any hockey fan! 

These are perfect for lounging around at home watching your favorite NHL team 

5. Bath Robe

Does your mom love lounging in a robe after a bath or while watching the game on a Saturday night? 

These silk robes with the logo of your favorite NHL team are the perfect gift idea for the hockey mom in your family!

6. Hockey Blanket

Have you ever tried watching a two-hour long hockey game in a cold rink without a blanket?

This the most underrated and useful gift you can get the number one hockey fan in your family, that is always cold in the rink! A blanket is the perfect gift for a hockey mom, and why not get your favorite NHL team on there as well!

7. NHL Scarf

Women love scarves, and men will never fully understand why but it makes a great gift that hockey moms are sure to love!

Don’t take a chance this season and get your hockey mom a scarf with her favorite NHL team on it, and these meeko scarves are extra warm for all the cold rinks you’ll be in this winter!

8. NHL Mittens

A cozy pair of mittens is a perfect gift for any hockey fan, especially the die hard hockey mom!

If you want a can’t miss gift, a pair of mittens with your favorite hockey team on it is something anyone can appreciate in the cold winters!

9. NHL Beanies

A sharp looking and warm NHL beanie a great gift for a hockey fan this winter!

If you live anywhere that gets cold in the winter, chances are you’re going to be wearing a beanie for a few months. These NHL team beanies are a can’t miss gift this holiday season for any hockey fan!

Gift Idea #2 - Hockey Accessories Bigtime Hockey Fans

There are tons of little accessories that many hockey fans will use every single day, and this is your chance to brand them up with your families favorite team! 

1. NHL Water Bottle

Staying hydrated isn’t about hockey at all, but these Stealth Hydration bottles are super sharp, hold 200oz, and are well insulated!

This is a useful gift accessory that any hockey fan will love and can use anywhere. These rugged bottles are super durable and have great insulation, plus you can choose your favorite team!

2. Insulated Tumbler

A great gift for any hockey fan, especially mom is an insulated mug to keep her coffee or hot chocolate warm all game, and keep her spirits up! These adorable NHL mugs are double insulated, so your drink won’t get cold and neither will you!

This is the perfect gift for the hockey mom in the family and will sure to be a hit!

3. NHL Coffee Mug

Whether you’re drinking a nice warm coffee in the morning or having a late night tea watching your favorite tea, a NHL hockey mug is a gift that keeps on giving!

Help your favorite hockey fan (maybe yourself!) and grab them this sharp NHL coffee mug for the holidays.

4. NHL Mascot Stuffed Animal

So for the future fan, an cute NHL mascot stuffed animal is the perfect gift for your toddler to carry around!

This is the perfect gift for any child that loves hockey and can’t get enough of their favorite team, or maybe they just love seeing the mascot! Either way, these NHL mascot stuffed animals are a great holiday gift for any hockey fan!

5. Mini Sticks

There isn’t a kid on the planet that doesn’t like playing mini sticks with their friends or team mates! Get them these cool NHL customized mini sticks with soft pucks for this holiday season and you can have some time to yourself while they’re playing in the basement for hours!

6. Classic NHL Rod Hockey Game

Every true hockey fan remembers playing one of these in their childhood, so why not pass on the joy to your kids! The classic NHL hockey game features players controlled by rods trying to score. It’s exactly like foose-ball, except better because well hockey is obviously better than soccer!

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To Wrap It All Up

Well we hope our article on the best gifts for hockey fans helped you find something!  Hockey is the greatest sport in the world and the right gift will really make someones day (or season!)  Thanks for checking our page out and let us know if you think we missed anything below!

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