Best Gifts for Hockey Coaches


Getting a gift for the hockey coach in your family is no easy task, from everything to coaching boards, whistles, apparel, new sticks we’re going to save you the headache of searching endlessly for the perfect gift. 

Dad gifts are usually socks, some cool tech gadgets, and maybe even a new golf driver if they’re lucky! In our gift guide for hockey coaches, these gift ideas will be sure to make those early morning practices more enjoyable and gifts for hockey coaches usually last multiple seasons!

Gifts For Hockey Coaches - Hockey Coaching Equipment

No one thinks about the coaches needing new equipment, but they’re on the ice shooting pucks and skating around just as much as they players (not working as hard though!). So its easy to forget about them needing a new stick, skates, or hockey gloves to make sure their performance during practice is top notch!

You can’t have a hockey coach that’s way worse than the players, and these gift ideas are sure to bring up the skill level!

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1. New Hockey Stick

Every single hockey guy/girl, loves getting a new stick and hockey coaches are no exception. The technological advances season to season make a material impact on your puck handling and shooting, so getting the newest model always make an impact

The Bauer Supreme ADV is one of this years top hockey stick models and will be an instant hit as a gift for the hockey coach in your family! 

2. New Hockey Gloves

Nothing beats the feeling of the soft palms on your hands and stick when slipping on a pair of brand new hockey gloves. Coaches love this feeling just as much as players, so if you’re looking to make a splash without breaking the bank this holiday season, hockey gloves are the perfect gift for hockey coaches!

3. New Hockey Skates

New skates are no investment to take lightly, and hockey coaches always find it hard to invest when they’re always having to buy their kids new skates. This is your chance to blow them away with a pair of brand new hockey skates, quite possibly the best gift you could get a hockey coach! There is a huge price range on skates, but you can find good quality skates for as low as $200!

4. New Hockey Helmet

Concussions are a serious manner, and just because you’re the coach doesn’t mean you won’t fall and potentially get a concussion. A lot of hockey organizations are now requiring coaches to wear a helmet on the ice for safety, so this is the perfect opportunity to give a great gift to the hockey coach in your family!

Check out the new Bauer Re-Akt 200 hockey helmet, for the ultimate in comfort and protection!

Gifts For Hockey Coaches - Hockey Coaching Accessories

There are tons of little accessories that hockey coaches are using over and over, and this is your chance to level them up with everything from a new whistle that hooks onto your hockey glove, brand new coaching board or even some cool hockey training tools!

1. Playmaker LCD Coaching Board

This brand new, innovative coaching board comes with a 1 year warranty and doesn’t requires batteries or magic erase markers!

This 21 inch coaching board is one of the best gifts for hockey coaches this year, as it completely eliminates the need for magic erase pens and erases all your plays with the click of a button! A hot gift option this year for the coach in your family, make sure to grab it before they’re out of stock!

2. Classic Coaching Board

The tried, tested, and true classic coaching board that every player has seen and every single coach has used! This is a durable and long lasting coaches board that is the perfect gift for any hockey coach!

A great gift for any hockey coach, this hockey board comes with a handle, handle, and adjustable hook + strap for hanging on the glass!

3. Glove Whistle

As a hockey coach, its annoying and cold to constantly take your hockey glove off to blow the whistle during practice!

Help your favorite hockey coach and make his life a bit easier with this whistle that connects directly to the hockey glove! It’s the perfect stocking stuffer gift for any hockey coach.

4. Hockey Coaching Bag

If the hockey coach in your family is going to practices every week, a hockey duffle bag makes a great gift!

A durable hockey duffle bag ensures your skates are not going to cut through and it will last many seasons. Coaches need a solid bag to carry around their gear, and the CCM Pro Hockey Duffle bag is spacious and durable!

Gifts For Hockey Coaches - Coaching Apparel

1. On Ice Jacket

A good wind insulated wind breaker with zippered pockets is a must for any hockey coach that is on the ice. The CCM Light Weight Rink jacket is one of the best gifts for any hockey coach this year, and something they’ll surely be thankful for each and every time they step on the ice!

2. On Ice Pants

Just like the hockey jacket, on ice pants are the perfect gift for the hardcore hockey coach this holiday season!

Wind resistant and durable, these flexible on ice pants by Bauer make a great gift for any hockey coach that is is going to be on the ice this winter! They are loose enough so skating is a breeze and they also have zippered side ventilation flaps to cool down if you end up working too hard!

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To Wrap It All Up

Well we hope our article on the best gifts for hockey coaches helped you find something for the special person in your life!  Hockey is the greatest sport in the world and we definitely think coaches need some new apparel and equipment just as much as the players! Don’t forget they are usually the ones driving to practices and preparing practice plans in their spare time!

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