The 7 Best Figure Skates For All Skill Levels

Looking to get into figure skating, or maybe it’s time to upgrade that old worn our pair you’ve had forever!  We have scoured the internet to bring you the best figure skates around – from beginner to advanced, and thrifty to expensive!  We’ve taken a look at customer reviews and weighed them against the performance of these various skates to come up with our suggestions.  If you are looking for a guide on how to choose your next figure skate, click here to head to the bottom of the page to get the details!  Otherwise here are our top choices followed by in depth reviews – We hope this helps and happy skating!

Our Top Overall Figure Skate

Best Overall Figure Skate

Jackson is a fantastic figure skate company and the Ultima Elle is – You guessed it – Their Ultimate Skate!

The Ultima Elle (Fusion / Mirage) is one of Jackson’s top of the line skates.  It has a soft yet durable microfiber lining, and a super flexible boot to ensure you feel comfortable your entire ice time.  It is one of Jackson’s more expensive skates, but you are getting tons of awesome technology and comfort adding features.  If you are looking for the best (Without going fully custom which can take you into the thousands of dollars) this is a fantastic option!

Best Figure Skate for Men

Best Mens Figure Skate

If you are looking for a top tier mens figure skate, the Jackson Ultima Mens give you a combination of top tier performance at a reasonable price

The Jackson Ultima Mens figure skate gives you moderate support with a comfortable fit. The cut resistant upper boot ensure these figure skates will look brand new no matter how long you wear them! The tongue is specially designed to reduce any shin irritation and the non-abrasive fabric lining makes the fit perfect right from the start.

Best Figure Skate For Beginners

Best Beginner Figure Skates

The best figure skate for beginners is designed for players just getting into skating and need something soft and comfortable to learn in

Look no further if your little girl wants to learn to skate, as the Riedell girls figure skate is the perfect choice for beginner figure skaters! They offer a comfortable, soft fit with enough ankle support for beginner skates. They are made for recreational use, so they are perfect for indoor or outdoor rinks! The 3M insulate material ensure your childs feet will stay warm the entire time!

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Our Recommendations

Best Beginners Figure Skate

Choosing a beginner skate is a simple choice with the Riedell girls figure skates, perfect for youths learning to figure skate

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Our Top Choice

Featuring a fully moldable boot, this skate wins our top pick for its combination of technology and comfort

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Best Mens Figure Skate

An excellent choice for more advanced figure skaters, the Jackson Ultima Mens are our top pick for best mens figure skates

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Our Research and Findings

Selecting a a new pair of figure skates is no easy choice, there are so many different types of styles and fits so its important to understand all the details before making the investment! At the bottom of our article we have a guide on skate fitting and buying basics, you will see it right after our last skate review.

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The Best Overall Figure Skates

Specifications and Features:

  • Microfiber Upper Boot: The upper part of these skates is made with microfiber to enhance flexibility, strength, and durability.
  • Adjustable Back Height: The height of the back of the skate is adjustable to fit each skater perfectly, giving you the perfect combination of flexibility and support.
  • Swarovski Crystals: Swarovski crystals are inlaid in the back of each skate for a stylish look.


  • Rolled Lining: Rolled lining saves your ankle tendons from unnecessary pressure and irritation.
  • Reinforced Heel: Heel is reinforced with aluminum plates to eliminate sole separation.
  • Fusion Sole: The new fusion sole is designed to be torque resistant while also being lightweight.


Being a top of the line choice, this skate is near the top of the price bracket for figure skates


Our choice for best overall figure skates are the Jackson Elle Women’s/Girls Figure Skates.  These skates have proven to be strong and durable enough for those who skate more than just casually. The upper part of the skate is made from microfiber, giving the figure skater flexibility in their movement while still maintaining a snug and sturdy feel. The height of the back of the skate is adjustable to allow for some personal customization. These Jackson Elle Women’s/Girls figure skates are made with a rolled lining.  This is beneficial because it eliminates pressure and irritation on the tendons above the ankle. 

The tongue on each skate is specially designed to eliminate shin irritation, and the included lace slits keep the tongue from shifting during use. Skaters love the reinforced heel because it gets rid of sole separation and provides stability. Lastly, the sole of each skate is a new fusion sole.  It is torque resistant, non-slip, and provides shock absorption. In summary, you really can not go wrong with these figure skates as they are sure to be up to the test!

The Best Figure Skate for Beginners

Specifications and Features:

  • Lightweight Support: Light support gives new skaters stability while also not restricting movement and flexibility
  • Simple Closure System: The simple closure system is perfect for small fingers and those learning to lace skates for the first time
  • Stainless Steel Blades: Stainless steel blades are included, and give skaters a smooth ride for both indoor and outdoor rink use


  • 3M Thinsulate Insulation: Included insulation keeps feet warm and dry for long practices.
  • Comfort: Foam-backed, velvet lining provides optimum comfort for little feet.
  • Affordable: These skates have a very reasonable price for those who are budget-conscious


  • These skates are only suitable for beginner or casual figure skaters.


If you are looking for youth figure skates, the Soar Youth Ice Skates from Riedell Skates are a great choice. These skates are perfect for both beginning skaters and those who only skate occasionally. These figure skates have many features that are great for those who are starting out!

First, they have a lightweight support to give the skater enough stability while also allowing for a wide range of movement. Next, the simple closure design is perfect for young figure skaters learning to put on their own skates. Simple hooks for the laces are topped with a velcro strap around the ankle for adjustable tightness. To keep your feet both warm and dry, the lining is made from 3M thinsulate insulation. Stainless steel blades are attached to these skates, and are designed for use in all types of recreational skating. Lastly, these skates are both comfortable and affordable. 

Their foam-backed, velvet lining provides enough comfort and protection for feet that are adjusting to skating. All this for less than $100 is a great deal on youth figure skates! The only drawback of these skates is that they are really only suitable for beginners or casual skaters. They should not be used for more experienced skaters.

The Best Boys Figure Skates for Youth and Junior

Specifications and Features:

  • High Quality Materials: High quality materials are used to manufacture these skates, ensuring that they will last through years of use
  • Lightweight Support: These skates are designed with lightweight support so that you have a healthy balance of support and freedom of movement
  • Simple Lacing System: The simple lacing system of these skates means that you won’t waste time lacing up your skates and they are easier for young figure skaters


  • Quilted Lining: To properly cushion your feet, quilted lining covers the inside of each skate.
  • Split Tongue Design: The split tongue design gives the skater more support and comfort.
  • Stainless Steel Spiral Blades: Stainless steel spiral blades are included with these skates, and provide a smooth ride on the ice.


These skates are great for youth skaters that are beginners, however they are probably not the best option once your skater moves onto more advanced skating techniques, like jumping and spinning.


For boys, the best figure skates are the Riedell Skates Recreational Youth Ice Skates with Stainless Steel Blade. These are great for young boys learning to figure skate because there are both black and white options, and they do not have any crystals or other designs on them. More importantly, these figure skates have all the required features offered by the best skates on the market! They are properly cushioned by quilted lining so that feet remain comfortable during long use. High quality materials, like high quality vinyl, are used in the construction of these skates, so you can tell that they are extremely durable and well made. Light support around the sides and ankles give skaters enough stiffness while also allowing for freedom of movement. Stainless steel spiral blades are included with the Riedell Recreational Youth Skates. 

These sturdy blades glide smoothly on the ice, whether it is indoors or outdoors. Keep in mind that while these skates have many of the same features as the adult skates, they are only for youth beginning skaters.

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The Best Figure Skates for the Money

Specifications and Features:

  • Available for All Skaters: These skates come in toddler, youth, and adult sizes, making them a great choice for all types of skaters
  • All-Purpose Blade: The blade attached is the Jackson all-purpose chrome Ultima Mark II blade, a great option for all types of skaters
  • Durable Materials: These skates are constructed from extremely durable materials, like vinyl coating, synthetic lining, and PVC outsole


  • Improved Lace Hooks: The lace hooks are upgraded and improved from older models of this skate, making them much easier to lace quickly and efficiently.
  • Comfortable: Comfort features include foam-backed vinyl and a mesh tongue for breathability.
  • Include Skate Guards: This purchase includes skate guards to protect the blades during transportation and travel.


  • Some users complain that these skates can be slightly heavy, especially for younger skaters.


If you are in need of a budget friendly option for figure skates, the Jackson Ultime Excel White Figure Skates for Women and Girls are a wonderful option. Features and quality are not sacrificed with this skate, even though the price is significantly lower. These skates are made from high quality and durable materials for reliable long term use!. For example, the upper is coated with vinyl while the inside has a synthetic lining to cushion your foot and keep you warm. The attached all-purpose blades are made from chrome, so they are perfect for any type of skating. 

Recently, the lacing design of these skates was upgraded and improved from older models, so the lace hooks catch the lace easily, giving you quick and efficient lacing. Comfort features include a mesh tongue for increased air flow and foam-backed vinyl to keep your feet properly cushioned. Skate guards are even included with these skates to protect the blades during travel or storage. The only disadvantage to these skates is that some users have complained that they are too heavy for their feet.

The Best Figure Skates for Men

Specifications and Features:

  • Moderate Support: Moderate support, perfect for those starting to learn more advanced skills
  • Cut Resistant Upper Boot: The microfiber upper is cut resistant, so it is less likely to be damaged while practicing skills on the ice
  • Ultima Aspire XP Blades: These factory sharpened blades are strong and reliable on the ice that hold an edge for a long time


  • Non-abrasive Fabric Lining: This lining allows for supreme comfort and a great fit right from the start for mens figure skaters
  • Specially Designed Tongue: The tongue is equipped with a soft top line and lace slits to keep it in place
  • Water Resistant Sole: The Fusion sole is lightweight and water resistant


The Jackson Ultima Freestyle Fusion Mens Ice Skates are only offered in black


Our choice for the best mens figure skates are the Jackson Ultima Freestyle Fusion Mens Ice Skates. These skates are well-liked by skaters, and have great ratings online. They have a moderate support rating, so they are ideal for skaters who are beginning to learn new and more advanced skills and need a little more support. The upper is made from a cut resistant microfiber to keep the skates in good shape, even after prolonged use. The fabric lining and specially designed tongue work together to keep your feet safe and comfortable inside the skate. The fabric lining is non-abrasive, allowing for a perfect fit without any breaking in! 

The tongue has a soft top line to eliminate irritation on your ankle. It also has lace slits to keep it from moving around during use. A water resistant sole finishes off the skate to keep your feet dry and warm at all times. If black skates are not your style, that is the only drawback to these skates as they are our top choice for mens figure skates!

The New Release Jackson Figure Skates

Specifications and Features:

  • Specially Designed Tongue: The tongue of these skates is covered, with a soft top-line that eliminates irritation on the shin of the skater.
  • Rubber Inlay: A rubber inlay on the sole provides a non-slip blade mount as well as great shock absorption.
  • Swarovski Crystals: Inlaid Swarovski crystals on the back of each skate creates an eye-catching design and sparkle.


  • Narrow and Wide: These skates are offered in both narrow and wide sizes for both adults and kids.
  • Rolled Lining: Rolled lining allows for some adjustability, as well as releasing some pressure and irritation on ankle tendons.
  • Fusion Sole: The lightweight, fusion sole is water resistant and torque resistant.


These are the most expensive skates on our list, especially if they are being purchased for a child.


Although the Jackson Ultima Freestyle Fusion/Aspire Figure Skates have been recently released, users already have a lot of positive things to say about them. An upper boot made of durable and lightweight microfiber starts the skater off with success by giving them both strength and versatility in their skate. This skate provides the perfect balance between flexibility and support! The tongue of the skate is designed to increase support and reduce shin irritation. Rolled lining eases pressure and irritation on the delicate tendons of the skater’s ankles. The fusion sole provides torque resistance, while the rubber inlay gives the skater great shock absorption. Swarovski crystals adorn the back of each skate to add some sparkle and fashion to the design of the skate.

These are one of the newest figure skates on the market and are a popular choice among serious skaters. The specially designed tongue and flexible support is a huge plus for these figure skates!

The Best Fleece Cuff Figure Skates

Specifications and Features:

  • High Quality Synthetic Leather: High quality, synthetic leather is used for the body of these skates for a waterproof finish.
  • Attractive Fleece Cuff: A beautiful, white fleece cuff and snowflake logo add the perfect touch of style to these skates.
  • Durable Sole: The sole of each skate is made from tough plastic for great durability.


  • Brushed Knit Foam Lining: Provides comfort and protection for your feet.
  • Lined Tongue: The interior of the tongue slip is lined with felt for comfort and a snug fit.
  • Steel Blades: Steel blades allow the skater to move smoothly on the ice.


Some skaters complain that these skates do not have a high amount of ankle support, so keep this in mind if you are a more advanced skater


Or choice for best figure skates with a fleece cuff are the Botas figure skates! The fold down fleece cuff, paired with a gold snowflake logo, make these skates fashionable and eye-catching. The upper boot is made from a high quality synthetic leather. This material is not only durable, but it provides a waterproof finish for the skate so that your feet remain warm and dry during use. The sole of these skates is also a durable plastic, so you know this pair will last through much wear and tear. For comfort, the skates are lined with a brushed knit foam lining and a specially lined tongue as well. The lining cushions your feet in all the right spots, protecting from blisters or injuries. The interior of the tongue is lined with felt for a comfort that stays in place during skating

The Botas Figure Skates are finished off with steel blades that allow you to glide effortlessly on the ice. The only disadvantage to these skates is that they have low ankle support, which means that these are not a great choice for those who work on more advanced skating techniques and skills. Overall, these are a top choice and an awesome figure skate to try this year!

How to Size Figure Skates

When it comes to buying the right pair of figure skates, there are many details to consider. Make sure you know how to properly measure your foot, whether you prefer stiff or flexible boots, or if you want waxed or unwaxed laces.

Foot Length and Width

In order to get figure skates that fit you the best, you must measure both the length and width of your foot. There are a few things to remember when measuring your foot. First, it is almost impossible to measure your own foot and get a good and accurate measurement. Therefore, ask a friend or family member to measure for you. Second, make sure you are standing when measuring, and wearing either a thin skating sock or bare feet.

When it is time to measure, start with the length of your foot. Stand with your back and heel against a wall or another flat surface. Use a measuring tape to measure from the back of your heel to the tip of your longest toe. Keep in mind that both feet may not be the exact same length, so be sure to measure both feet and go with the longer measurement when choosing your figure skates.

Next, it is time to measure the width of your foot. When measuring the width of your foot for figure skates, you must use a tape measure to find the circumference of the ball of your foot. Simply measuring the flat width of your foot will not yield you accurate results, as all skate manufacturers use the circumference measurement.

Once you have both of these measurements, you can compare the length and width of your feet with the sizing chart for the particular figure skate you are looking at. Both measurements should fit within the range for the size that you need.

Flexible vs Stiff Figure Skate Boot

Whether you need a flexible or a stiff skate boot depends mostly on your skill level.  Beginning skaters need to have a boot that is more flexible to allow for more freedom of movement when learning.  Highly advanced skaters need a very stiff skate boot to support their feet and ankles during difficult tricks and higher speed skating.  There are a wide range of flexibilities in between as well.  Most skate brands come with a flexibility rating, with a lower number being more flexible, so look for that before purchasing.

Waxed vs Unwaxed Laces

There is nothing more frustrating than an untied skate or snapped lace while you’re skating.  These problems can be avoided when you make the choice between waxed and unwaxed laces. Waxed laces are sealed, so the lace takes in no water so that it cannot expand or stretch.  Waxed laces tend to stay tied tightly and do not fray as much as regular laces, however they can be more difficult for little hands to tie and they are more expensive than unwaxed laces.  

Unwaxed laces, on the other hand, have their own pros and cons.  Unwaxed laces are more affordable and much easier to use, especially for smaller hands.  However, unwaxed laces get wet and can stretch and loosen as you skate. They are also more difficult to thread through the skate as they are more flimsy. 
The choice you make with your laces basically comes down to personal preference and how much you are willing to spend.


By now, you should feel more comfortable shopping for figure skates. Take time to consider your current abilities and your future hopes for skating before purchasing. Skates are not an inexpensive purchase, so make sure you have weighed all the pros and cons for each skate before making your final choice.

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