The Best Roller Hockey Skates of 2021

The ice has melted, and the rinks indoors and outdoors are ready to be bladed on!  If you’re searching for a new set of inline hockey skates – you’ve come to the right place.  We’ve reviewed tons of models from the best in class to budget friendly picks to help you stay one stride ahead … Read more

Best Lacrosse Shafts (Attack, Middie & Defense) – 2021 Models

Lacrosse is a hard hitting, fast paced, awesome sport.  Having the proper equipment can definitely give you an edge in todays hyper competitive environment where everyone is looking for a slight advantage.  Conversely, having very old or poorly made equipment can inhibit your game and hold you back.  You are obviously on the hunt for … Read more

Best Lacrosse Elbow Pads (2021 Update)

There is a lot of protective gear that is required to play lacrosse. While your first thought is to protect your chest and collarbones, there are other vulnerable parts of your body that need protecting as well.  Box or Field, you are going to be taking some slashes and hits!  Lacrosse elbow pads may not … Read more

Best Women and Girls Lacrosse Sticks (2021 Reviews!)

If you are new to the sport of lacrosse, it may come as a surprise to you that there are multiple different styles of lacrosse sticks. If you are a veteran in the sport, you know that there are sticks that are made specifically for the different positions on the field. No matter where you … Read more

The Best Hockey Gloves (2021 Update!)

We have worn, read about, contacted manufacturers, pored over players reviews, and after dozens of hours of work we have rounded up the best senior hockey gloves in the game.  After looking at over 30 pairs of gloves, we have crowned the Bauer Supreme 2S as our champion. Our Pick Bauer Supreme 2S The Best Hockey … Read more

The Best Lacrosse Backstops of 2021

Do you have a lacrosse stick, balls, and a goal? If so, there’s one more critical piece of equipment you’re going to need as well: a lacrosse backstop. A lacrosse backstop is designed to be wider and taller than our actual goal so it can catch any lacrosse balls that your goal fails to catch. … Read more

Best Hockey Sticks For Defensemen (2021 Update)

Defense is a critical position and the benefits of being good in your own end cannot be overstated.  On the flip side, being able to chip in offensively like Cale Makar or Victor Hedman can set you apart from your peers on the blue line.  Back in the day, defensemen looked mostly for sticks helping … Read more

How Many Stanley Cups Did Wayne Gretzky Win?

Ice hockey has one of the most passionate fan bases of all time. Fans can’t get enough of the high speed skating, shooting, scoring, and of course – fighting!  It is only fitting that such an awesome, unique sport would have a championship trophy that continuously wins the accolade of ‘The Best Trophy In Sports’ … Read more

The Best Lacrosse Helmets of 2021

If there’s one piece of equipment you don’t want to cheap out on, it’s definitely your helmet.  From helping dissipate head impacts, to keeping your face and eyes safe from errant sticks, the lacrosse helmet protects your most valuable asset.  Before checking out our entire best lacrosse helmets article – we will let you know … Read more

The Best Lacrosse Gloves of 2021

Lacrosse gloves are obviously a crucial piece of equipment, protecting you from slashes, errant passes or shots, and helping you keep a strong grip on your stick.  Our article will have a quick roundup of our top picks directly below, followed by the crucial things you need to look for in a lacrosse glove, and finally … Read more

The Best Lacrosse Rebounders of 2021

If you only practice your Lacrosse game when you have designated practice or game time, it will be tough for you to excel.  Thankfully there are dozens of pieces of training equipment that have been created to help you hone your game in your spare time.  A Lacrosse Rebounder is one of those tools that … Read more

The Best Lacrosse Heads of 2021

The most important part of your lacrosse equipment is the head and it is essential for controlling the ball, scoring, and for defense! In this review we have crowned the Nike CEO 2 lacrosse head as top for 2021 for its pinpoint passing and shooting accuracy! This head is also great for durability and has … Read more

The Best Lacrosse Sticks of 2021

Through research and talking to both field and box lacrosse players, we have awarded the STX Stallion 200 as our top lacrosse stick of the 2021 season.  It is an extremely versatile stick as the head gives the player a truly forgiving response and can be used playing attack or defensive positions! The updated STX 6000 … Read more

The Best Hockey Helmets of 2021

Helmets, concussions, and other head injuries are some very hot topics in contact sports these days, so choosing the right helmet to protect yourself is imperative.  This is definitely the one item you do not want to cheap out on as quality materials and construction is crucial for proper protection. We are going to be … Read more

The Best Youth Hockey Sticks

After countless hours of , reading consumer and professional reviews, and reviewing manufacturer specs, we have crowned the Bauer Vapor Flylite as our champion.  Youth hockey sticks are designed for little hockey dynamos between 3’0″ and 4’8″ and 3 – 8 years of age, and getting a great stick into your little ones hands will hopefully … Read more

The Best Hockey Stores In Calgary

The city of Calgary, Alberta – Home to the Calgary Flames, Calgary Hitmen, and hundreds of minor hockey teams, is undoubtedly a hockey town.  Luckily for locals, there are tons of hockey stores to choose from within the city limits!  Looking to see which one is your best bet?  Check out our list below! Curious … Read more

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