The Best Youth Hockey Sticks

After countless hours of , reading consumer and professional reviews, and reviewing manufacturer specs, we have crowned the Bauer Vapor Flylite as our champion.  Youth hockey sticks are designed for little hockey dynamos between 3’0″ and 4’8″ and 3 – 8 years of age, and getting a great stick into your little ones hands will hopefully … Read more

The Best Hockey Stores In Calgary

The city of Calgary, Alberta – Home to the Calgary Flames, Calgary Hitmen, and hundreds of minor hockey teams, is undoubtedly a hockey town.  Luckily for locals, there are tons of hockey stores to choose from within the city limits!  Looking to see which one is your best bet?  Check out our list below! Curious … Read more

The 8 Best Hockey Goalie Sticks of 2020

Hockey goalie sticks have come a long way from the birch and aspen paddles our backstopper ancestors once used – Carbon Fiber, multiple curve choices, and vibration damping technologies make sticks of old look like a Ford Probe next to a McLaren P1.  We have detailed breakdowns of all the top sticks we have researched, … Read more

The Best Hockey Skates of 2020

So last year’s hockey season came to an abrupt halt, a global pandemic shutting down sports and industry alike.  After months of quarantining and social distancing, we at Going Bar Down hope you and yours are safe and healthy, and ready to tackle the 2020 / 2021 hockey season!   A release that in any other … Read more

The 6 Best Hockey Neck Guards

Best Hockey Neck Guards

Protecting your neck is extremely important, and for children, a legal requirement!  We took a deep dive on many neck guards offered and looked at the specifications and reviews on all of them!  If you want a quick answer to your query – this is one of the few times the big boys such as … Read more

The Best Hockey Sticks of 2020

The Best Hockey Sticks

So your last hockey season was cut short – A global pandemic shut almost every league on the planet down!  We at Going Bar Down hope you and your family stayed safe and are looking forward to getting back on the ice!   While the world quarantined, the hockey stick manufacturers certainly did not take a … Read more

Pro In-Season Program 2020

Looking to take your hockey game to the next level?  Make that jump to a higher seeded team?Be the new leading scorer on your squad? Ever heard the saying – ‘Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn’t work hard’ In today’s game, simply showing up to practices and games just won’t cut it anymore.  You need an … Read more

The 6 Best Hockey Stick Bags

Let’s get right to the point – these days you are typically paying anywhere from $150 – $300 for your hockey sticks.  That is a lot of money.  Sure they are built to take a beating, but why not save that durability for the ice?  A high quality stick bag could last you for life, … Read more

The 8 Best Hockey Shin Guards of 2020

We have worn, read about, contacted manufacturers, pored over players reviews, and after dozens of hours of work we have rounded up the shin guards in hockey.  Blocking 90 mph shots is no joke, and everyone hates taking a painful slash of the back of the legs, so a good set of shin guards is … Read more

Off Season / Summer Hockey Training

Youth Off Season 2020 Training Program Looking to improve this summer and dominate on ice next season?  Looking to give your little budding hockey player a leg up on the competition?  Check out our choices to help hockey players of all age dominate on the rink next year! Hockey isn’t the sport it used to … Read more

Hockey Fighting Rules

One of the most controversial topics in hockey is fighting, with some fans believing that it should be taken out of the game while others wishing there was more of it. We’re going to break down the rules of fighting in hockey so you can understand exactly why a fight might occur and what the … Read more