SuperDeker DekerBar Review

In case you haven’t heard of SuperDeker before, they came out with one of the best interactive hockey stickhandling training tools on the market. The original SuperDeker is designed for in-home use and has made kids hockey training fun with an interactive game that forces you to react to a light on the surface to … Read more

The Best Hockey Stores in Pittsburgh

Best Hockey Stores Pittsburgh

Hockey is a traditional sport beloved by all and over the years, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania has become a huge hockey city on behalf of the Pittsburgh Penguins. This rising popularity has compelled brands and stores to introduce new and better products every day. If you are looking to buy some excellent hockey equipment from the stores … Read more

The Best Hockey Stores in Toronto

Home to the Toronto Maple Leafs, Toronto Marlboros and numerous other well-known hockey teams, the city of Toronto has a rich history in ice hockey. Without a doubt, Toronto can be called the Canadian city for hockey. The city of Toronto also caters to hockey fanatics and players through its wide variety of hockey stores … Read more

Canadian NHL Teams

For over a 100 years, the NHL has been the premier hockey league and in Canada it is the most popular sports in the country! Did you know, the ‘National’ in NHL initially referred to Canada only? In the beginning, the National Hockey League had only four teams, all Canadian! That was even before the era … Read more

NHL Roster Size

NHL hockey teams can only carry a limited number of players on their roster at any given time. There is also a different limit to the number of players they can have within their organization. Now for the question of how many players are allowed to be included in their roster, an NHL team can … Read more

NHL Shootout Rules

The excitement of an ice hockey game is unmatched because of its extremely fast paced and physical play. Played with breakneck speed, the games are eagerly followed by legions of rooting fans and nothing is more exciting than seeing your team score a highlight reel goal! Players live for that huddle after scoring a goal, … Read more

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