About Us

Welcome to Going Bar Down!

Going Bar Down was created in 2018 with a few things in mind –

  • Keeping hockey players informed about all the newest products
  • Helping differentiate between different offerings
  • Pass on skill tips and training articles
  • Helping you as a Hockey Player make the best choice for your game

About The Owners


Eric has been playing hockey in Canada since he was in diapers. Playing Jr. A in B.C. before winding down his career to go back to school. He currently plays men’s league hockey and is an enthusiast of the game itself and of the ever changing and evolving equipment that comes out year after year!


Ryan has played hockey since the age of 7, and played into Midget AAA before playing Senior A while attending university to help foot the bills.  He now plays with Eric on their men’s league team and loves every aspect of the game.


Brad is the head of hockey training at Going Bar Down and hails from sunny Saskatchewan where he attended the University of Saskatchewan obtaining his degree in Kinesiology.  He currently owns his own training center in Calgary and has trained NHL players such as Jaden Schwartz and former NHL’er Brandon Gormley.  You can find him and the Absolute Performance Centre on instagram at Brad.Posehn.  Check him out for tons of free training tidbits!

Goingbardown.com is updated as soon as we find out about new gear or publish new training insights so check in frequently for all the newest info.

We are currently working on creating a Facebook and Twitter page to keep info on gear coming even faster than website updates would allow, so keep checking back for those!

Feel free to get in touch with us at eric@goingbardown.com or ryan@goingbardown.com !

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